About Cirque Vancouver
Aerial Silks involves climbing a
special type of fabric that is
hung from a rigging point
certified by a qualified rigger
or engineer.
Aerial Silks Artist
Cori started coaching gymnastics when she was 16.
She is certified by the Canada's National Coaching Certification
Program (NCCP).  She is working on her level 3 gymnastics
Cori started instructing aerial silks when her daughters were old
enough to be interested in it.She developed and implemented
the unique aerial silks program being used by the Vancouver
Circus School (VCS).
Order a DVD or .pdf Manual of the course instruction through
Circus Aerials.
Aerial Silks Instructor - Circus Aerials
A picture is worth a thousand words but a video is worth at least 1
MG.  Check out the
Videos page to see some past performances or
Cori has been training in gymnastics for many years. She started
training in circus arts in 2002 and has been performing on aerial
silks, hoop (lyra) and trapeze since December 2003.
Cirque Vancouver
Aerial Silks - Artistic Director
Cori is the Artistic Director for the Circus Aerials Society. Aerial
silks is also referred to as aerial fabric or aerial tissu. "Tissu" is
French for fabric but the word has been Anglosized and is
sometimes referred to as aerial tissue.
Aerial silks is an amazing workout for your core and upper body. It
can be a great cross-training exercise for rock climbers and
If you are interested in offering aerial silks classes through your
gymnastics program,
Circus Aerials  to find out about coach's training in aerial silks
Order the DVD or .pdf of the Silks Instructional Manual!
For more photos go to
This is the individual website for Aerial Circus
performer Cori
means Circus in French. Since many people associate
the French word with New Circus Arts, which include aerial silks
(tissu), trapeze and aerial hoop (Lyra), to name a few of the
aerial arts, this seemed the most appropriate name.
I am in Vancouver, but can travel to other locations to perform.
Corporate Performances can be arranged with Cori and other
aerial performers that she works with for your company or social
event! Please
contact us to discuss this.
Cori is a Circus aerialist who performs on aerial silks and swinging trapeze. She teaches adult and children classes in aerial silks, hoop and single point trapeze. Aerial silks is also referred to as aerial tissu, aerial fabric and aerial tissue. Classes in swinging
trapeze and other circus aerials or cirque arts can be arrange through The Circus Aerials Society. Instructional DVDs or videos for coaches or instructors are also available through the Circus Aerials Society