Aerial Silks Introductory Levels

Cori developed and implemented the Aerial Silks program adopted by the Vancouver Circus School in 2005. Her program is designed to assist participants in
learning both the skills and the cautions necessary to participate in a safe and effective Aerial Silks program for Children and Adult Beginners.

Aerial Silks is physically demanding and many children and adults become discouraged because of the strength required to learn skills. From her experience
as an adult learner and through teaching silks to children, she developed a program that will allow students to learn skills using LOGICAL PROGRESSIONS
that will develop strength while they learn skills and performance routines.

This program was developed with assistance from Aaron Johnson of the Vancouver Circus School to assist both students and other instructors to further
develop their skills and to train new instructor’s to expand the aerial silks program.

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Cori has had the great privilege of learning silks from many other silks artists and instructors who have very generously shared their expertise. They include
Sam Alvarez from Montreal,  Rebecca Leonard from Toronto,  Laura Paxton from Seattle, WA and from Cirkids; Colleen Yeun  and Jay Nunns. She has also
had the benefit of learning from others she has performed with such as
Jamie Evrard and Monica Tse, as well as all of the other aerialists at Cirkds who
motivate and encourage her.
Aerial Silks Classes
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Manuals, photos or video images are not a substitute for a certified and qualified aerial silks instructor. Manuals, photos or video
images are not intended to augment the instruction in the presence of a qualified coach in a supervised training environment.
.Any activity that involves motion, rotation or height can cause injury and even death. Aerial silks should never be practiced without the
supervision of a qualified coach or instructor.
Aerial silks must always be practiced on a rigging point certified by a qualified engineer, on load tested fabric using load-tested
rigging equipment.
Level 1 - Egg Knot Skills - These skills are practiced
in a knot. They help participants to develop the
strength and muscle memory for aerial silks while they
learn to climb and develop the strength required for
more difficult skills Routines using these skills to
music, with other participants is fun and an integral
part of this program.
Level 2 - Introductory Lace Lock Skills. The
"lace-lock" is an important lock that allows participants
to do many beautiful skills on the silks. The
arabesque sequence, shown at left is part of this level.
Level 3 - Introductory Crucifix Skills. The "Crucifix" is
another important lock. It is more dangerous than the
lace lock because it requires participants to be able
to hold their body weight in an inverted position.
To view of a short video clip of the some of the
tricks that are taught in Levels 1-3
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Cirque Vancouver
Cori is a Circus aerialist who performs on aerial silks and swinging trapeze. She teaches adult and children classes in aerial silks, hoop and single point trapeze. Aerial silks is also referred to as aerial tissu, aerial fabric
and aerial tissue. Classes in swinging trapeze and other circus aerials or cirque arts can be arrange through The Circus Aerials Society. Instructional DVDs or videos for coaches or instructors are also available through
the Circus Aerials Society
To view of a short video clip of the some of the
tricks that are taught in Levels 1-3
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