Aerial Circus Classes
Circus aerials including aerial silks and trapeze are a great way to build
upper body and core strength. It also improves your flexibility and might
help you deal with a fear of heights.  Trying new activities can keep you
motivated in your fitness routine. Aerial silks is a performance art so there
are performance opportunities to show off to your friends and family or
maybe more. You may find that it is more motivating that a yoga class or
pumping iron.
Why take a circus aerials class?
Cirque Vancouver
Cirque Vancouver
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Circus Aerials
Cirque Vancouver
Cori is a Circus aerialist who performs on aerial silks and swinging trapeze. She teaches adult and children classes in aerial silks, hoop and single point trapeze. Aerial silks is also referred to as aerial tissu, aerial fabric
and aerial tissue. Classes in swinging trapeze and other circus aerials or cirque arts can be arrange through The Circus Aerials Society. Instructional DVDs or videos for coaches or instructors are also available through
the Circus Aerials Society
Cirque Vancouver