Information for Etiquette, Safety and Aerial Silks for  
    Aerial Silks Classes

    For your comfort and safety, bring or wear;

  •         A long-sleeved shirt to prevent chaffing under the
  •        A gymnastics suit, swim suit or full body suit that
    will cover your midriff to prevent chaffing with certain
  •        Clothing that is close fitting especially at the wrists
    and ankles. Wide legged pants get wrapped in the silk
    when climbing and are safety hazards.
  • Cotton-based fabric on legs to reduce "burn". Synthetic
    fabrics are more inclined to burn against the silks.
    stretch cotton is less likely to burn and recommended for
    the pant leg of your outfit.

    A one-piece Aerial Silks training outfit, or unitard, is ideal.
    This is available at many dance shops.

  1. For safety and durability of your Aerial Silks fabric, remove
    jewelry, watches and anything else you may be wearing that
    could snag or cut the silks material.
  2. Long finger nails or toe nails may snag the material and cause
    you injury,  so should be kept trimmed or filed.
  3. Be aware that body odor and scents will remain in the silks
    and make the activity unpleasant for others if an odor is left
    behind, so it may be necessary to not wear perfume.
  4. Aerial Silks artists use “Firm Grip”  or rosin powder on their
    hands before grasping the material.  This substance is sticky
    and helps to keep the hands from sliding down the fabric.
    Firm Grip can be found at some sporting goods specialty
    shops at $15 per aerosol can.
Aerial Silks Classes - Attire and Safety Information
Cirque Vancouver
Cirque Vancouver
Correct Attire:  
  • Hair is tied back,
  • long sleeves and long
  • Tight cuffs on ankles and
Have you ever had rope burn?
  • The picture above shows a
    "tissu burn" at the back of
  • This can also happen under
    the arms and the back.
  • Cotton prevents tissu burn
    better than synthetic
Aerial Silks Classes
Cirque Vancouver
Cori is a Circus aerialist who performs on aerial silks and swinging trapeze. She teaches adult and children classes in aerial silks, hoop and single point trapeze. Aerial silks is also referred to as aerial tissu, aerial fabric
and aerial tissue. Classes in swinging trapeze and other circus aerials or cirque arts can be arrange through The Circus Aerials Society. Instructional DVDs or videos for coaches or instructors are also available through
the Circus Aerials Society