Aerial Arts

Circus aerials includes aerial silks,
trapeze and aerial hoop (Lyra), to name
a few of the aerial arts. Cirque
Vancouver offers Circus Instruction or
Performance in these arts.
Cori is a Circus aerialist who performs on aerial silks and swinging trapeze. She teaches adult and children classes in aerial silks, hoop and single
point trapeze. Aerial silks is also referred to as aerial tissu, aerial fabric and aerial tissue. Classes in swinging trapeze and other circus aerials or
cirque arts can be arrange through The Circus Aerials Society. Instructional DVDs or videos for coaches or instructors are also available through
the Circus Aerials Society
Aerial Circus arts, made popular by The Cirque du
Soleil, include such things as Aerial Silks and Aerial
Hoop or Lyra.  
Cirque Vancouver is the site for Solo
Aerialist Cori Woolfe.  
A solo performance requires people
behind the scenes to make the show
Cori would prefer to perform with others
Artists and is the Artistic Director for
The Circus Aerials Society
Cirque Aerials include; trapeze, aerial
silks; (aerial dance, aerial ribbons, aerial
tissu, aerial fabric and aerial  chiffon)
Individual or group circus performances,
Circus Aerial Arts develop strength,
flexibility, spatial awareness and an
ability to perform at height.
It's fun and an amazing workout!
Circus Aerialist- Cori -
Aerial Silks, Aerial Hoop, Trapeze
Aerial Silks involves performance on
fabric that load tested and certified and
is hung by a professional rigger or
engineer for this activity.
Find out about Circus classes, private
Instruction in Cirque Arts here in
Some of these locations are not where we would perform but made a great spot for a picture!
Cirque Vancouver
Aerial Silks Cori Scotia Dance Centre Photo by Dave Clendenan at the Scotia Dance Centre
Aerial Hoop by Cori from Cirque Vancouver